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Cookies can track everything you do online -- 2018-7-20

Have you noticed websites are telling you they use cookies and asking for permissions? This is because of a new consumer privacy protection law called GDPR that requires companies to disclose that they are adding... Read More

Block Stressful and Annoying Ads with this ad blocker -- 2018-05-21

Gone are the days when the internet was simple and straightforward. Nowadays, it is all about either invading the privacy of users or making money by all means. I am not saying that money should... Read More

5 reasons ad blocking benefits the user -- 2018-02-23

Over the past couple of months, the practice of ad blocking has received heightened ethical scrutiny. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “ad blocking” refers to software, usually web browser plug-ins that stop most ads... Read More

Ad blockers: A need-to-have for optimum internet surfing -- 2018-02-21

Popup advertisements are one of the most annoying things you will encounter online these days. They just appear suddenly when you’re trying to get important stuff done online, or when you click on a website.... Read More

Threats to online browsing and how to stay protected -- 2018-02-02

The Internet has been around for decades and is facilitating people around the world in their day to day searches and surfing. There is no doubt about the usefulness of the Internet, as it has... Read More

Your online privacy in a new age -- 2018-01-29

Privacy and security go hand-in-hand and we can’t separate the two. The fortunate thing about this fact is that improving your privacy protection likewise positively impacts your your online security. Many of the devices and... Read More

What you never knew about online tracking... -- 2018-01-29

If you visit more than 3 popular websites in a Week, then your PC is probably already hacked Here’s why… Recent research shows that 90% of U.S. home computers have been infected with spyware at... Read More

Do you really have privacy on the Internet? -- 2018-01-08

The following was written by one of our new users, Randall: A few days ago I had no idea that I would be writing about this. But due to an eye-opening experience, I came to... Read More

Online tracking activity turns into a real headache -- 2017-12-30

Have you ever been searching online for something, like a new dishwasher (for example), but walked away without purchasing, only to see dozens of ads trying to sell you that exact dishwasher? Numerous research studies... Read More

User Mail: Ad blocking and how it helped me in my financial planning -- 2017-12-27

Dear other Ad Remover users, My finances were in the toilet. I was juggling my mortgage, helping out with my grandkids’ daycare and school tuitions, on top of the normal monthly payments that keep the... Read More

Learning to cook online, now I finally can without ads! -- 2017-12-22

As I’ve been browsing the Internet lately, there is nothing more disturbing and annoying than ads popping up on a videos you are trying to stream in peace. Apart from the fact that it wastes... Read More

How my ad blocker helped me finally get healthy...yeah you read that right -- 2017-12-21

I’m a 35-year-old guy. I live in a joint family with my parents, wife and two kids and have a real-estate and construction business. My business is growing tremendously and has a lot of potential... Read More

Love at first site: My experience with my ad blocker -- 2017-12-06

Al called into our customer support wanting a little help in getting his Ad Remover working on his daughter’s computer (every user gets five licenses of the software to share as they wish). He expressed... Read More

User Testimony: How ad blocking changed the way i see the internet -- 2017-12-05

It’s no news that ads are used by business owners to earn money via ad placements. These ads are used to the detriment of online consumers surfers. They’re an internet user’s worst nightmare, at least... Read More

Ad blockers and the user experience -- 2017-11-20

Digital advertising has been commoditized to an extent where it attaches very little value to the publisher’s brand or even more critical, the quality of the content they lay out to be accessed by their... Read More

Get your news without all of the noise -- 2017-11-18

Are you fed up with large amount of useless ads popping up your mobile or computer screen while performing your daily tasks or surfing your favorite social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and twitter or... Read More

A true premium ad blocker -- 2017-11-12

Online activity trackers Тrаdіtіоnаl аdvеrtіsіng suсh аs nеwsрареrs, rаdіо, аnd tеlеvіsіоn hаvе а sеtbасk іn thаt уоu dо nоt knоw thе tуреs оf іndіvіduаls уоu аrе sеndіng уоur аdvеrtіsіng оut tо. Yоu саn fіgurе іn... Read More

Ad Blocking in Two Clicks -- 2017-11-10

Advertising has always been a way to get the message out to consumers about the companies products, and the Internet created a way to do this cost-effectively. Online ads allow publishers to make money off... Read More

Regular consumer of online news? Try it ad free! -- 2017-11-08

Online advertisements have remained a primary, consistent source of revenue for content producers and media outlets like CNN, Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Time, Miami Herald, Bloomberg, BBC News, Skye News, and The... Read More

Ad Blockers: An Overview -- 2017-11-04

For those who do not know them, ad blockers are software or browser extensions that filter HTML elements deemed to contain ads. There are the annoying pop-up ads that spam a Web page and usually... Read More

Does ad blocking really help Internet users? -- 2017-11-03

While surfing the internet or using your favorite social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and others you must have seen ads popping up on your screen. This is indeed annoying for many users, though not... Read More

Prevent unnecessary ads from disturbing your browsing -- 2017-10-30

The internet has contributed a lot in both the business and personal spheres of life. Through its help, people are now able to reach out to their friends and loved ones despite the distance, and... Read More