We stand behind our stats

* The ads blocked counter used on our landing page is calculated based on anonymous Ad Remover user data reported to our servers.

* Active daily user count reflects users across multiple operating systems and browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge Legacy, Edge Chromium, Android OS, iOS.

* We provide phone, email and chat customer support 365 days a year to assist you with any Ad Remover questions or issues.

Speed & Data Insights

To give our users a clearer, more empirical insight into the ways in which Ad Remover improves their daily internet browsing, our developers benchmarked 1800 of the most popular websites in the United States according to Alexa. Using Puppeteer, we loaded each website with and without Ad Remover in parallel, and then reloaded each page fives times to get an average load time in milliseconds (ms), average page size in kilobytes (kBs), and the average number of requests. We also cleared cookies before each reload.

On average, pages loaded 44% faster with Ad Remover installed (1.4 seconds with; 2.5 seconds without). Additionally, Ad Remover used 19% less data (3090 kBs per domain with; 3838 kBs per domain without), saving our users an impressive amount of data. Please refer to the table below for complete analysis.