Ad Remover has quickly become one of the most beloved ad blocking products available. Countless users have taken the time to write the company directly, post in the Chrome Web Store, the Better Business Bureau, and the Microsoft Store to praise how browsing an ad-free Internet has changed their daily lives.

Still, many users encountering an Ad Remover ad for the first time or hearing about it from a family member or loved one might be concerned about whether Ad Remover is legit. This makes a lot of sense, especially in light of all of the breaches in privacy by tech companies both very large and small, as well as malicious actors who constantly try and exploit unsuspecting Internet users. Is Ad Remover legit?

Well, don’t take our word for it. Here are what a few users have said about Ad Remover:

“I absolutely made a great purchase with this one! I don’t have to pay for YouTube Red anymore, and this takes care of ads outside of YouTube. It also has sped up page loading and has gotten rid of annoying ads on every page I go to. It used to take 1-2 minutes for the pages to load. The only problem that I’ve had is that Google Chrome keeps disabling the extension. AdRemover isn’t disabling it, Google Chrome is, and I think it’s because they don’t like the fact it gets rid of ads without paying for YouTube Red. However, I’m still going to pay for AdRemover every month because it’s cheaper than paying for both, and it gets rid of ads in both locations!!! Plus, it only takes a minute to reinstall the extension!!!! Great job, AdRemover….I’m lovin’ it! – Cynthia R., USA”

“Super easy to use, works like a charm, no ads and no tracking agents while this was deployed. A must have to block all ads and trackers. – David V., USA”

“AdRemover is so effective I don’t even know it’s running. And I wouldn’t if every so often I realize there are no ads on Chrome. This is just great! – Joel T., USA”

Is Ad Remover Legit?

Ad Remover has built its user base to over 550,000 users on the Google Chrome browser alone and has expanded it’s compatibility to include the Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers on both Mac and Windows and, recently, Apple’s iOS mobile platform, which includes iPhones and iPads. Ad Remover developers are currently hard at work to release an app for Android mobile that will be available in the coming months. Perhaps most importantly, Ad Remover goes to great lengths to ensure that it’s customers are satisfied and excited about using the product.

Ad Remover’s outstanding customer support staff is the cornerstone to maintaining an open and honest dialog with the user. Common issues are routinely communicated to the development staff, who quickly convert any constructive criticism or feedback into actual features that are deployed to the extension with amazing speed.

Lastly, Ad Remover’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes it easy for each user to view the number of blocked ads and blocked trackers in realtime on a site-by-site basis as well as over that user’s total “lifetime” using the product. Right in the interface are ways to report any site that he/she might be experiencing issues with, such as anti-ad blocking tech encountered on a specific site or a site that may be broken. This information is sent straight ot the development staff, who can quickly investigate the site and deploy code that will beat most anti-ad blocking code and fix broken content on a site.

The reasons highlighted above make Ad Remover a highly-reputable, legitimate product and explain the rapid growth in use and popularity that the product has seen over the last 12 months alone. Sick of annoying ads and want to experience an Internet that is truly ad free? Download Ad Remover today, if you haven’t already.